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Taxi drivers approach city MP to help tackle rogue parkers leaving their vehicles on licenced ranks

Black taxi drivers in Preston are calling for urgent action to prevent vehicles from being parked and left on taxi ranks in the city centre. Taxi drivers are complaining that in the evenings and on Sunday when there are no parking wardens around, liberties are being taken on the ranks that they are trying to work. Now, according to a report in the Lancashire Post, hackney carriage drivers are taking their protest to the city’s MP Sir Mark Hendrick. Drivers are stressing that the current situation is becoming dangerous and frustrating for those trying to get on the ranks to pick up journeys. Taxi drivers are being forced to double park along ranks which is causing congestion on the streets, making it difficult for even emergency services to get through. According to drivers claims, Lancashire County Council have been informed of the issue on a few occasions but nothing seems to be getting done about it. Sir Mark Hendrick has assured drivers that the issue will be discussed in the next few weeks, but in the meantime more officers will make evening swoops to catch any offenders.

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