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Could Heathrow Airports taxi drop off points be under threat

It has been revealed in The Economist that with the rise of ride-hailing apps, the revenue gleaned from passengers who travel to and from airports has dropped sharply. Income from both car parks and car rental companies make up a massive proportion of an airports revenue. However, there is now a drop in that revenue which may exceed over 10%. Initially many airports banned ride-hailing companies accessing forecourts to drop off, that has now changed, and with that airports are now looking for ways to fill the financial void. Another fear is the eventual introduction of self-driving cars having a further impact on airport revenues as they "drop and drive home" thus negating any car-park charges being implemented. Governments, who are already getting "twitchy" in relation to pollution and congestion levels in and around airports because of the proliferation of ride-hailing apps, are now looking to force people onto public transport. The authorities at Heathrow Airport, as well as other airports, are allegedly looking to push taxi and private hire drop off points, as well as car parks and car rental facilities further away from the terminals, thus making the public use other transport methods.

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