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Television personality Martha Stewart "Ubered"

Television personality, writer and businesswoman Martha Stewart has criticised Uber after being “less than impressed” after ordering her first ride with the minicab giant.

It was reported in The Daily Mail that Ms Stewart had ordered the Uber, her first, from Tiffany’s in Fifth Avenue, New York, and it went downhill from there. Upon ordering an Uber, 77 year old Ms Stewart found that the first was a “no-show.” Another Uber then arrived 10 minutes later, Ms Stewart then complained that the vehicle was parked so far away that she couldn’t see the license plate, and then found that it was facing the wrong direction, facing East when she wanted to go South West. Ms Stewart alleged that the Uber driver then took 20 minutes to get the vehicle travelling in the correct direction. The entrepreneur also alleged that the vehicle that she had to travel in was a mess, both inside and out. An Uber spokesperson has been in contact with Ms Stewart to discuss the issue. 

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