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Three Rivers “Knowledge” student rumbled for cheating in exam to become cabbie

A Rickmansworth “Knowledge” student was found to be cheating after his smart phone gave him away in an exam.

The student was sitting a test in Rickmansworth last Monday to become a Three Rivers District Council taxi driver. During the exam the would be cabbie typed an address into his phone to assist him in answering the first question on the paper. 

However, for the hapless student his Android phone proceeded straight to speaker and announced the address to the examiner and the two other candidates sitting the exam. As a result the student has been banned from sitting the knowledge test again for 12 months. According to the Watford Observer, Councillor Steve Drury, chairman of the licensing committee, said: “Before people are granted a licence, they go through a rigorous screening process, which includes criminal and driving checks. They also have to show basic communication and language skills, literacy, the ability to give the correct change and their local route knowledge. “These checks are in place to make sure people are who they say they are and so that we know when you get into a taxi, the person sitting in front of you is able to drive you to your destination safely.“ 

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