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London cabbies set to demo following planned Tooley Street taxi exclusion

London cab drivers are set to demonstrate as regulators announce plans to restrict taxis access at Tooley Street.

Transport for London are proposing to change the layout of Tooley Street. According to the regulators the changes will reduce road danger, improve air quality, and provide better facilities to enable people to walk, cycle and use public transport, supporting the objectives of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy (MTS). However, cabbies in the capital are up in arms with decision. A militant unofficial driver group has called for drivers to take part in a demonstration starting 4pm Monday 26th November and then everyday after.

The group called the Proactive ITA has the support from official driver representatives the LCDC. The group hope to gain access in all bus lanes in the capital highlighting the public transport status of a London licensed taxi.

A spokesperson from the LTDA said last week via Twitter: “The consultation on the proposed scheme in Tooley Street is in direct contravention of the MTS. We have written to Heidi Alexander and Transport Commissioner pointing this out and asking for public comment.“ The UCG have also shown their dismay last week by saying: “The United Cabbies Group see the possible banning of Taxis from Tooley Street as a restriction of trade. We are fully wheelchair accessible and being forced to buy a £63k electric taxi. With this in mind we are not ruling out any demos.”

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