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Crack-cab! Welsh taxi driver found selling crack cocaine from his cab

A Welsh taxi driver was caught selling crack cocaine from his black cab as he was "trying to make ends meet".

The driver Rhys John Hearn was caught as South Wales police officers had suspicions as he picked up passengers in Swansea. Police found the 27-year-old driver with over £200 cash, 10 wraps of crack cocaine and also a small amount of cocaine which he claims helps keep himself awake. Sian Cutter, prosecuting, said the South Wales officers were patrolling in Swansea when they noticed a black cab pull over, pick up a man and a woman from a bus stop, and then proceeded to drive a short distance to a side street nearby. The court heard that the police then searched the taxi to find a plastic Kinder egg capsule in the vehicle containing 10 wraps of crack cocaine. The police also found £225 cash, two mobile phones and a small amount of cocaine.

The driver told officers at the scene that he was "just trying to make ends meet" according to Wales Online.

Hearn pleaded guilty to multiple charges including being concerned in the supply of crack, supplying crack, possessing crack with intent to supply, and possession of cocaine. Swansea Magistrates Court heard he had four previous convictions for six offences, one of which included possession of Class A drugs. Sentancing will be dealt with at Swansea Crown Court next month whilst Hearn was released on bail until that date.

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