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Cab driver who was involved in a brawl after which a man collapsed and died from a heart attack has

A taxi driver from Blackpool has had his licence revoked after a man died following a brawl he was involved in. 

62-year-old dual licence holder Michael Sharples' was involved in a brawl at the King's Arms, Fleetwood,  on Sunday July 22 which was caught on CCTV.  

Wyre Council’s licencing committee revoked Sharples’ licence after David Allinson, who was also involved in the incident, collapsed and died outside the pub, despite efforts to save his life. 

Sharples' appealed against the decision but at the hearing, which took place at Blackpool Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, the bench dismissed his appeal based on CCTV footage combined with his(Sharples') oral evidence and that of the council’s senior licensing officer. 

Based on the evidence before them, the Magistrates’ court found that Mr Sharples should no longer hold his position as a taxi driver in Wyre and the council’s decision was upheld.

As reported in the Blackpool Gazette,  Wyre Council said they place public safety at the heart of taxi licensing decisions and will not accept violent behaviour by licensed drivers Mr Sharples was also ordered to contribute £500 towards the council’s costs.

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