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Cycling charity declares war against London's Black Taxis over potential traffic restrictions

London Cycling Campaign have put together a consultation to directly challenge London’s iconic black taxis who are up in arms about potential restrictions put on their trades ability to navigate certain roads in the city - on this occasion, Tooley Street, London Bridge. London Cycling Campaign is a membership charity and are calling for new recruits to join to help keep proposals for Tooley Street closures to stay on track. The Consultation - ‘Don’t let cabbies derail plans for Tooley Street’ highlights their desire to limit what vehicles can access the street from London Bridge, claiming the road, which ironically is paid for by road tax payers, is “dominated by buses, black taxis and loads of other motor vehicles.” This week London’s black taxi drivers are to stage daily protests on London Bridge against the proposals. If the restrictions are applied, it would mean any passengers needing access to the very busy More London Place complex will have to add, potentially, an additional 15-20 minutes on to their journey or walk. London Cycling Campaign say cab drivers “want their convenience, no matter the expense to people walking, cycling and using public transport.” The introduction to recruiting new members ends by saying: “Cabbies have a long history of opposing improvements to London’s streets, and the furious reaction to this modest scheme show they’re determined to block any and all progress.” From anyone looking in from the outside, this surely must look like a restriction of trade Vs the desire to cycle freely by those who pay zero road tax — or would I be wrong in saying that? What’s your opinion? - let us know.

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