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Tampon Taxi delivering sanitary products to homeless women

Campaigners have given one of London’s iconic taxis a makeover in a bid to create awareness of “period poverty”. According to a report in the Huffington Post, more than 40 percent of girls in the UK have had to use toilet roll to manage their period because they are unable to afford sanitary products. Not only will the stand-out taxi create awareness, it will also be handing out 5,000 sanitary products to women at homeless shelters across London. From now until December 19, the taxi will make regular stops to handout tampons, Mooncups and sanitary towels.  

(Image credit: This is our period)

The idea came about when campaigner Holly Bantleman was drinking margaritas with a few friends and saw a pink taxi parked opposite. Project Period London taxi was formed, and now Holly hopes the taxi will raise awareness about period poverty, as well as encourage more people to donate and volunteer with period poverty charities. Project Period, as well as other similar campaigns are working to ensure that all women that need sanitary products have access to them.

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