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Minicab driver puts life at risk by delaying ambulance on emergency call

A life was potentially put at risk on Saturday by a minicab driver who brought Euston Road to a standstill during an argument.

The driver of a Silver Prius, which according to the Daily Mail, was reported to be a minicab, was driving in the centre lane of the Euston Road in London, when he turned left into the path of an oncoming taxi which was using the bus lane.

An argument between the two men subsequently ensued, with the minicab driver blocking the centre and nearside lanes.

Unbelievably, an ambulance on an emergency call, with its lights and sirens blaring, became blocked by the minicab driver, who wouldn't move his vehicle out of the way.

An eye witnesses said that the taxi driver was travelling along the bus lane when the minicab approached and nearly hit the taxi, the minicab driver was also shouted at to move out of the way whilst he was arguing.

The minicab eventually moved and the emergency vehicle was able to proceed.

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