Uber warned over self-driving vehicles colliding every 15,000 miles

A whistleblower at Uber has revealed that their self-driving vehicles are having collisions approximately every 15,000 miles.

It was also alleged that the issues surrounding the self-driving vehicles were evident prior to the tragic accident which killed Elaine Herzberg in Tempe, Arizona, with one Uber employee trying to highlight problems just days before her death.

According to a report in Ars Technica, Robbie Miller, an operations manager at Uber, attached to their self-driving truck program, stated that an autonomous car was hitting something every 15,000 miles.

Miller also claimed that in November 2017, a vehicle became subject to what was described as "dangerous behaviour." 

Despite the driver highlighting the issue, the report was allegedly ignored. Miller then requested an investigation, and again, it is alleged that request was also ignored.

It was then a fortnight later that an analysis of the vehicles data log was performed.

Miller also claims that an autonomous vehicle drove along the pavement for a short distance.

One suggestion made by Robbie Miller is for Uber to dramatically cut back on its testing program,  reducing its fleet, as well as using two people to road test the vehicles instead of one. This would then allow somebody to better monitor the vehicle behaviour and characteristics, while the other person concentrates on road safety.

He also stated that every time that an Uber autonomous vehicle is involved in a crash, the entire fleet should be taken off of the road, pending an investigation.

It is believed that Uber are planning to run sef-driving  vehicles on a one mile, fixed loop between two company offices in Pittsburgh. The vehicles will be restricted to daytime operations.and won’t operate during adverse weather. 

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