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Hailing apps used to target older drivers in Dublin

It has been reported in The Journal that older cabbies in Dublin are being targeted and robbed by criminal gangs by using hailing apps to select their victims.

Unsuspecting cabbies are hailed via an app, the app provides a facial photograph of the driver who will come to collect the person who has made the booking, younger looking drivers are then rejected, the attackers then continue to book and cancel taxis until they find one who looks relatively old. Once the cab arrives, the driver is then attacked and robbed.

There have been several attacks of this nature which have been reported to gardai, including a delivery driver.

Cabbies have been communicating via whatsapp groups to alert each other and then alert gardai.

Many drivers are now avoiding picking up and dropping off in certain areas for fear of becoming a target.

The Minister for Transport has been urged to trial various security aides and to assist taxi drivers with the cost of installing CCTV dashcams and protective screens in their cars.

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