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Glasgow City Council approves use of LPG taxis as UK momentum gathers

Autogas Limited is pleased to announce that Glasgow City Council has followed its approval of allowing taxis running on LPG to be licensed in the city by officially approving the vehicles through the LOW CVP CVRAS scheme

Taxis running on LPG will be compliant with Euro 6 emission limits that are set to be in place in line with upcoming Low Emission Zone (LEZ) introduction at the end of 2022. CVRAS is a robust scheme that is designed for manufacturers of retrofit emissions reduction technology to enable Clean Air Zone (CAZ) compliance of legacy fleet vehicles and taxis. This certification scheme supports the operation of Clean Air Zones in our towns and cities and looks to address the air pollution emissions from vehicles that commonly operate in these environments such as buses, coaches, heavy goods vehicles, mini-buses, taxis and vans.                                         Diesel black taxis contribute to urban NOx and PM levels, there are the most harmful pollutants in our air. Therefore cleaning up the emissions from these vehicles can quickly and effectively improve air quality where it is needed most. In order to qualify for the CVRAS scheme independent emission testing demonstrated a 98% reduction in NOx and a 95% reduction in PMs. This recent announcement means that TX1, TX2 & TX4 owners and drivers  in Glasgow can now convert  their Taxi to LPG, this will allow owners to reduce their fuel spend by 20-30%, prolong the life of their Taxi, reduce indoor and outdoor engine noise and significantly reduce harmful tailpipe emissions. In addition to Glasgow LPG repowered TX4 Taxis are now seeing traction in the Scottish capital city of Edinburgh, where after the LPG technology recently being approved interest and orders of the repowering are on the increase. Towns & Cities that currently incentivise the use of Automotive LPG for Taxis are:






To find out how you can reduce your automotive fuel spend contact Autogas Limited today.

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