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Licensing authority investigates claims that a cab driver unleashed a barrage of punches on alleged

Birmingham council bosses are now investigating an incident that saw a fight break out between a cab driver and a younger man which escalated from what is believed to of been an unpaid fare, according to a report in Birmingham Live. The incident, which was filmed by an onlooker, took place at Digbeth Coach Station on January 29. In the footage found on YouTube, the two men can be seen getting into a heated scuffle moments before the older man, believed to be a cab driver, began to throw a number of punches at the younger man. At least one of the punches appears to catch the younger man on the face, sending him to the ground. The younger man then scrambles to safety only to be followed by the alleged cab driver. Security and other members of the public then step in to stop the altercation and calm the older man down. Some who saw the incident on social media said that the alleged cab driver, who looked to be twice the age of his opponent, possessed some impressive boxing skills. Although the claim is that he was a cab driver confronting a passenger who refused to pay a fare, it is yet to be confirmed. Birmingham City Council’s licensing department said on Twitter: “We do not condone this kind of behaviour either towards or from our drivers. If this *is* one of our drivers, we will investigate and deal with it accordingly. Bilking is a serious issue for the trade, but violence is never the answer. #NoExcuses"

(Video credit:YouTube)

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