New Envoy “London Taxi Courier App” set for launch in the capital

A new app for London cabbies has launched today dubbed the “London Taxi Courier App”. The app called Envoy works by allowing users to post a job to be picked up for delivery that will then be dispatched by a London Black Taxi driver in and around London. Once the user has posted a job, a driver can pick up the package/parcel and deliver to the requested location. Drivers will be able to see all available jobs on the Envoy app and choose jobs that they are local to. TaxiPoint asked Envoy what makes the them different to other apps on the market? Envoy’s founder Danny Mitchell, who also works as a London cabbie, said: “This concept has never been used before for the Black Taxi industry. As a London Black Taxi driver myself, I realised there was a niche in the market. With our superior knowledge of London, we could move parcels/packages important documents, luxury good, lost luggage and anything else around quicker and safer then any courier company in London. “After research, I realised that we could also compete with their prices too but provide a much better, quicker, safer service and guaranteed delivery for the receiver. “The user will also benefit from using the Envoy App, by choosing to post a delivery on Envoy for one of our Black Taxi’s to pick up. “A request may be made for specific pick up or delivery time that suits them. All you have to do is fill in the delivery ticket within the app then, once a driver has accepted the job we will connect customer and driver via our smart messenger within the app. Direct contact details of both parties and delivery instructions will be provided once a job has been accepted by a driver. “The concept came to me about 2yrs ago. I was working longer shifts to cover my money and spending more on diesel and thought there has to be another service I can provide where I can get jobs one after the other without any gaps in between to stop me wasting endless hours looking for another job and knowing that no one driving a car or van can move from one side of London to another quicker then me in my Taxi “As a London Black Taxi Driver I realised that technology unfortunately has changed the job and the only way to save it is to fight fire with fire and start tapping into other industries that we as Black Taxi drivers can clearly do and do better. “The time has come for London Taxi Drivers to pull together and move with the times, we are the best at what we do and we need to apply this with innovative ideas and available technology keeping our standards high.”

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