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Taxi driver feared for his life after passenger went into his home to grab money for the journey but

A taxi driver was left fearing for his life when his passenger entered his house to fetch the fare money and came back out with a gun over his shoulder.

Roger Thompson, 47, was arrested after the taxi journey from Northampton town centre to Pitsford ended with the cabbie driving away from the scene to avoid what he feared could be a deadly altercation. Thompson's trial started on February 18 at Northampton Crown Court, which the defendant waived his right to appear in court and chose to not send a barrister to represent his side in the case.

The taxi driver who took Thompson home at around 4am on June 17, 2016, told the jury what he witnessed. During the journey, Thompson reportedly became upset at the rising price of the cab fare and when

a speeding car overtook the taxi the driver told the passenger 'that was dangerous'.

The driver alleged that Thompson replied: "that wasn't dangerous, you'll see dangerous when we get there'."

When arriving at Thompson's address, the 47-year-old reportedly asked if he could go into his home to collect the money to pay the £17.50 cab fare.

But when the driver next saw Thompson emerge from the cottage, he allegedly had a gun over his shoulder. The driver said: "As soon as I saw him, I just drove off. I was scared for my life. My legs were shaking." As reported by the Northampton Chronicle, Police officers went to the cottage the next day where they found two air rifles, a deactivated shotgun and a deactivated musket. The court heard how when he opened the door to the police, Thompson said: "I know what this is about. I had it with me when I came to the door."

Thompson did not attend court yesterday and did not send a barrister to represent him. His Honour Judge Rupert Mayo told the jury: "It is not up to the defendant to prove to you that he didn't do it, but for the prosecution to prove that he did do it." The trial continues.

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