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TfL explores opening bus stations to cars allowing for daytime EV charging

Bus garages could be used to charge hundreds of taxis during the day

Transport for London is exploring how its network of bus stations can be turned into top up charging points for emergency services vehicles and even private cars as part of a major revamp of its estate. Peter Elliot, Head of Development at Transport for London told delegates at the Smart Cities Development Conference that the agency is looking at redeveloping its bus stations. He said the anticipated switch over to electric buses means that existing problems of fumes and noise would be lessened, increasing opportunities to build residential accommodation on top. And the bus stations themselves, which are largely empty during the day, could become top up charging points for other organisation’s vehicles, like the ambulance and fire service and even potentially private motorists, Elliot said: “These hangars are empty during the day and chock full at night. The opportunity for them is absolutely vast. We can leverage against our land holdings and local authority or private sector landholdings: those sites are driving thousands of units.” 

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