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Council supports the National Private Hire and Taxi Association's campaign to raise awareness ab

Crawley council has offered all drivers in Crawley a ‘no excuse for abuse’ stickers in an effort to remind passengers to treat drivers with respect, reinforcing that abuse will not be tolerated and reported to the police where sufficient action will be taken.  

As reported by Crawley News 24, Cabinet member for Environmental Services and Sustainability, Councillor Geraint Thomas, said: “These stickers are a great idea. While the vast majority of taxi users are polite and well-behaved, there are a few who unfortunately feel it acceptable to be abusive. It’s important that people know that this will not be tolerated.” Taxipoint reported on a similar initiative that was set up at the end of 2018 in Essex, when Essex police announced a collaborative effort alongside Basildon Council which promoted the  fair treatment of taxi and private hire drivers during nights out.

In a statement, Essex police announced the partnership which will adopt a “zero tolerance” approach to anyone abusing drivers and/or anyone who attempts to avoid paying for a journey. PC Dan Herschel from Basildon Community Policing Team said: “We’re working with Basildon Council and local taxi drivers to give a very clear message to the minority of people who misbehave in taxis; Pay your fares, don’t abuse or assault the drivers and don’t misbehave.”

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