Female taxi driver quits job after multiple accounts of abuse including sexual harassment from male

A female cab driver in Wales has quit her job due to the abuse she has received from drunken male passengers, including sexual harassment. Zoe Temple opened up to the North Wales Live, about her disgust with the way some male passengers think its ok to make advances towards her. Zoe worked as a cab driver for two years in Llandudno and said during that period she has been touched, stroked and spoken to inappropriately by a “minority of me.” During her brave exposure of what its like to be a female cab driver, she said that she made the decision to pack the job in after an incident which occurred on Saturday February 2, when a male passenger attempted to force himself on her and kiss her on the mouth. She was left fighting him off. Police had also investigated another incident reported by Zoe, when another male passenger sexually assaulted her on Boxing Day 2017. Zoe said the man began to touch her during the trip and told her that they “were going home to have sex with each other.” When she attempted to push his advances away, he even grabbed the steering wheel and called her a ‘bitch’. The police investigated the incident but was unable to track the man down. Zoe was not impressed with how the police handled the matter and said she thought that they didn’t take the incident “seriously enough.” She said that she didn’t even receive a call from them to keep her updated on any progress, and instead all she received was a text from the force saying nothing more could be done to track the man down. Zoe, who is set to study for a master’s degree in speech and language therapy has now had enough of the abuse she has had to endure as a female cab driver and made the decision to quit the job. 

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