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Knifeman jailed for seven years after attacking cabbie

A knifeman who attacked a taxi driver from Wolverhampton and stole his cab before deliberately driving it into several parked cars was jaiked for seven years today. 

26 year old, Ben Platt of Burton Cresent,  Wolverhampton,  attacked the cabbie in Hilton Street, Dunstall Hill.

The driver, Saman Thanthirige Don,  was assisting his two customers with their shopping, which was in the boot of his vehicle after driving them home. Platt then emerged, pulling out a knife and threatened to stab the driver who was cut during a brief struggle. Mr Thanthirige Don, was then left at the roadside as Platt jumped into the cabbies Vauxhall  Zafira and drove off.

However, after speeding off,  he then deliberately slammed the vehicle into three parked cars, writing off the taxi.

The Express and Star reported that Wolverhampton Crown Court then heard that the attacker then stole £70 worth of takings from the vehicle before making his escape.

Platt was identified through a DNA match after his blood found on an air bag which had deployed on impact.

Mr Jon Roe, defending, said Platt was a  sufferer of ADHD, epilepsy and has learning difficulties. Platts  lawyer told the court that he had committed the offences whilst his mental health was at a low point.  Platt pleaded guilty to the robbery, which occurred on March 22 2017, he also pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal damage. He denied threatening the driver with a bladed article. He was convicted of that offence after a trial. Judge Michael Challinor sentenced the attacker to seven years imprisonment. Mr Thanthirige Don has given up driving a taxi for fear of being attacked again. 

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