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York cabbies to be hit by increase in licensing fees

Cabbies in York are set to be hit by a massive increase in licensing fees.

Charges attributed to licensing taxi drivers and their vehicles could rise by as much as 34%.

The cost  of a private hire drivers’ license, as well as a vehicle licence and operator licence are all set to see an increase too. 

The plans to increase the fees have been branded "excessive" by Wendy Loveday, chair of York Private Hire Association.

Concerns were also raised  by Ms Loveday over the fact that Uber drivers working in the area are not paying the charges.

She also stated that the drivers working in the taxi industry in the area are frustrated at having to subsidise those who are freely working in the area without paying their way.

The York Press reported that other concerns highlighted included the fact that moneys collected from cabbies in the area would be used to pay for extra enforcement officers, in a bid to try and control drivers from outside of York.

Driver’s licence application fees will go from £139 to £152. The cost of a vehicle licence will also increae from £182 to £216. 

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