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Cabbies in Woking are being told to pay more attention to their hygiene and are being advised on how

Cab drivers in Woking are being asked to pay more attention to their personal hygiene and are being told what the council considers appropriate clothing to wear while working. 

According to a report in Eagle Radio, they will be told that “unacceptable standards of dress” will include bare chests and hoodies.

This comes after the council received a number of comments from customers complaining that some taxi drivers were dressing in a way “considered to be unprofessional”. Woking Borough Council has now put together a guide listing what cab drivers should and should not wear in a bid to “present a professional image to the public”.

The committee, which meets on Tuesday, March 12 at 6.30pm, will decide whether to approve the dress code and add it to the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Handbook.

Examples of unacceptable standards of dress within the code are said to be as follows :

-Bare chests. 

-Unclean, soiled or damaged clothing or footwear. -Clothing with offensive words, logos or graphics. -Sport wear promoting sports teams. -Clothing with studs or sharp edges. -Beach type footwear (eg flip flops or mules). -Baseball caps or hoodies. -Tracksuits or shell suits.  Acceptable standards of dress are listed as: 1: Tops Shirts, blouses, t-shirts – polo shirts or sweat tops should cover the shoulders and be capable of being worn inside trousers or short Shirts or blouses can be worn with a tie or open-necked 2: Trousers/shorts/skirts Trousers may be either full length or shorts, if tailored Drivers should not wear short skirts Smart jeans-type trousers are permitted 3: Footwear Shoes or smart trainers that cover the whole of the foot 4: Faith or Religious clothing Clothing worn for faith or religious purposes is permissible The council has said that if the new hygiene and dress code is agreed and added to the Private Hire and Hackney Carriage handbook, it will not be imposed as a condition of any licence, but the papers state it will “expect such standards will be maintained at all times”. The dress code attached to council papers for the meeting states: “Drivers shall pay particular attention to personal hygiene and dress so as to present a professional image to the public.” 

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