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Cribble launches “driver gig app” in London today against TfL warnings

New controversial private hire app, Cribble, has today launched in London without an operators licence and without any licensed private hire drivers.

Cribble say their service is “not a taxi App where drivers offer rides to passengers. It's an App where drivers can offer gigs to clients.” 

The capitals regulators Transport for London moved quickly at the weekend by releasing a statement to private hire drivers telling them that they “risk prosecution and licensing action” if they used the booking app for work. 

However Cribble launched the service today telling clients “simply take a photo of something, describe their vehicle and gig in a few words and can start driving once they have registered to get paid with cards and/or cash. “Clients can set a route and view nearby gigs on a map to pick a gig for a fixed price calculated based on the estimated time for the trip and a multiplier set by the driver. “Cribble doesn't define the gigs. That's the job of the driver and we expect a wide range of services to be offered by the creative drivers who will seize the opportunity. 

“Base pricing is £5 + £5 per 15 minutes or part thereof but drivers can apply a multiple depending on how they perceive the market and the value-added of their gig. The maximum multiple is 3 and the maximum discount is 50%.

“The launch was almost delayed by a hostile attack from TFL on Friday but swift action to redefine the service in a way that takes TFL out of the equation has allowed the launch to proceed on schedule. “Everyone is warned that this is an adult only service where gigs are agreed between consenting adults who each cover their own risks. Commissions of 10%+40p per gig are paid by the driver. 

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