Private Hire Driver caught short on rising security ramp

A private hire driver in Manchester was left red faced when he got his vehicle stuck at a 45 degree angle under a moving security barrier at Manchester's Media City with his passenger inside. According to a report in the Manchester Evening News, the driver was following a delivery van when the ramp was raised at 8.20am on Tuesday.

The driver who works for minicab firm, New Moon cabs, as well as his passenger escaped unharmed, the company's director said. He even joked that the experience was like a ride at Oblivion at Alton Towers.

Radio producer Rebecca Kelly was on her way to work at the BBC when she spotted the taxi driver extended in midair.

She told the MEN that she was walking past the incident at 8.20am and couldn't help but take a photo. She said she could see the taxi driver and the passenger still in the car and both were safe. She took a quick snap of the bizarre sight and put it on Twitter with the caption 'oops'.

Her tweet attracted a few comical replies, with Julie tweeting: "Not great advertising for the taxi firm it belongs to... still it's handy to have the number"

Carol Lowe simply wrote: "Oh my God!"

The driver didn't want to be named. Any guesses why? 

(Image credit :Twitter @BeckyRKelly)

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