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Dundee cabbies switch back to diesel from electric after council plan to introduce charging fees

Dundee cabbies are switching back from electric vehicles to diesel vehicles after it was revealed that Dundee City Council plan to start introducing charging fees.

The Evening Telegraph have reported that a number of cabbies are complaining that the added cost which will be attributed to charging the vehicles will mean that it will cost more to own an electric vehicle than a diesel equivalent over the lifespan of that vehicle. 

The move by Dundee City Council to impose a charging fee on cabs in the area echoes a similar move by Dumfries and Galloway Council.

Cab drivers are upset because of what is seen as the councils' reversal of a promise which allows cab drivers free access to charging facilities, which would offset the increased cost of purchasing an electric vehicle.

Chris Elder, local Unite the Union taxi representative said that there was no longer an incentive to switch to electric vehicles. 

He added: “The council has jumped the gun. We should be incentivised to choose low-emission vehicles like hybrids and when the infrastructure is there look at electric vehicles.  

There has been no comment from Dundee City Council as yet.

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