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MPs advised to take taxis home amid fears of Brexit-related attacks from angry voters

It has been revealed that MPs, in fear of being attacked by angry voters because of the handling of Brexit, have been advised to take taxis when they leave Parliament.  

Deputy Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle said the Serjeant at Arms, who is charged with looking after security at Parliament had made arrangements for taxis to be on hand to collect MPs from the House of Commons.

It was also revealed in Politics Home that police all ovet the country had been put on high alert over the threat MPs are now facing..

With The Prime Minister saying that a longer Brexit delay would risk "endless hours and days of the House carrying on contemplating its navel on Europe and then challenging MPs to back her Brexit deal, she then said: "The British people deserve better than this House has given them so far. "

It was also revealed in an email that Lindsay Hoyle said MPs were now "the focal point of public attention in a manner that we have rarely seen before". "The public is looking to us to resolve the current impasse and it is clear that tensions and emotions are running at an all-time high,"  He then added: "Personally, I have never felt this level of tension during my time in the House and I am aware that other colleagues feel the same. Many colleagues have already been subject to widely publicised abuse and intimidation. "I want to reassure you that measures are in place to allow Members - and our staff - to do our jobs safely." He added: "Regional police forces have been contacted to ensure that they are not only aware of level of tension felt here at Westminster but in all our constituencies." Mr Hoyle finally added: "We can also take simple steps to improve our personal safety by travelling home from the House by taxi or with colleagues in the coming days. The Serjeant at Arms has made provision for black cabs to collect from within the estate. 

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