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Single American mum born with no hands works as an Uber driver

(Images: Barcroft TV)

Single mum born with no hands becomes an Uber driver in America to provide for two children. Janet Brown, a 31-year-old from North Carolina, U.S, was born with a birth defect which means she has no hands and has defects to her feet.

According to a video created by Barcroft TV Janet manages to live a full life coping with her disability and despite having no hands works as an Uber and Lyft driver. She said her passengers “hardly notice” how she uses her stump to steer the wheel and change gears. “I’m a better driver than drivers with hands” said Janet who says she has had no accidents in the car. “Most of my passengers say that I am an excellent driver and most of them want me to be their personal Uber driver.”

Janet has also started a not-for-profit organisation called Inspiring with Helping hands, to educate and inspire other disabled people. She hopes that others with disabilities will not feel the need to hide themselves away for fear of what people might say, and live and work as normal. 

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