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Wolverhampton licensed private hire driver ordered to pay over £1,000 after being caught in Nottingh

A Wolverhampton private hire driver has been ordered to pay over £1,000 after enforcement officers discovered two illegal tyres on his vehicle when they noticed it was badly parked on a street in Nottingham.

The poor parking lead to the vehicle being examined by the enforcement officers who found the car to be a Wolverhampton plated PHV.

During the vehicle inspection, both the front tyres were found to be illegal.

The law requires car tyres to have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm in a continuous band around the central three quarters of the tyre. To help you judge how much tread you have on your car tyres, manufacturers often mould tread bars at roughly 1.6mm. As reported in the West Bridgeford Wire, the driver of the vehicle appeared at Nottingham Magistrates Court on April 8, where he was ordered to pay £1,080 in fines and costs. His licence was endorsed too.

Image: Source; Pixabay

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