Home Office statistics reveal which police authorities are most likely to revoke fixed penalty notic

An investigation performed by This is Money into speeding offences in England and Wales has revealed the police authorities most, and least likely to cancel a fixed penalty notice (FPN).

According to Home Office data procured by Moneybarn there is a significant disparity in the chances of being prosecuted, depending where in the country you have been caught speeding.

The findings reveal that 60% of motorists issued an FPN for a speeding related offence in the City of London subsequently have the fine cancelled, whilst in North Wales, the police authority in the region cancel a mere 1.3%.

The analysis, which gives government figures for the twelve months up to the end of March 2018 show the ten authorities most likely to cancel an FPN as follows: 

City of London - 62.6%

Cambridgeshire - 30.6%

Greater Manchester - 26.7%

London Metropolitan - 24.2%

Bedfordshire - 23.2%

Hertfordshire - 21.3%

Warwickshire - 17.9%

Northamptonshire - 15.0%

Avon and Somerset - 14.9%

West Midlands - 13.0%

Whilst the police authorities least likely to quash an FPN are:

North Wales - 1.3%

Devon & Cornwall - 1.6%

Dyfed-Powys - 1.8%

Wiltshire - 2.1%

Nottinghamshire - 2.1%

Cleveland - 3.3%

Gwent 3.3%

South Yorkshire - 3.3%

Surrey - 3.8%

Humberside 3.9%

Reasons for a police authority cancelling an FPN range from the Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) having incorrect details about the nature, time or location of the alleged offence to, the person allegedly speeding not being behind the wheel when the offence took place.

Other reasons include, inadequate  road signage, such as missing or incorrect speed limit signs, and speed measuring equipment had not been calibrated properly or was being misused .

The minimum penalty a speeding motorist can expect in England and Wales is £100 and three points added to a driver's licence.  

The police authority issuing the most FPNs are Avon and Somerseti, who handed out 199,337 FPNs. In second place was West Yorkshire police authority, who issued 174,796 FPNs, followed by the Metropolitan police, who issued 135,430 FPNs issued for speeding offences. 

Unbelievably, Gwent police issued a mere 242 speeding tickets, making them the least aggressive police authority in England and Wales in relation to the issuing of FPNs. 

Image Source: Geograph

Image Author David Dixon

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