Woman spat at and threatened for confronting abusive men who were unhappy with females that refused

Disgraceful footage has emerged showing a woman being spat at and threatened with rape after she confronting a group of men for verbally abusing female taxi customers, it is alleged. The lone woman stepped in to challenge the thugs who allegedly had threatened to rape three women who turned down a taxi ride from their friend.

The brave woman took out her phone to film the men, who then approached shouting 'we will rape you' and spat at her during the heated altercation in Portsmouth city centre. Police were called to the scene but no arrests were made. Police officers are now investigating the incident and have asked the public to come forward with information. The footage of the incident managed to make its way onto social media and has been viewed more than 200,000 times. In the video you can see a man being restrained by a friend as he shouts at the woman. The woman can be heard saying: 'This man just tossed my phone because he understood that I have evidence.'

He then calls her a 'slag' and tells her to 'f*** off', to which she replies: 'This is what it's like to be a woman in the UK.' The raged man then says: 'I f***** your phone up.' But she stands her ground and tells a bystander: 'They just threatened to rape three women.' The thug then approaches the camera and shouts: 'We're gonna rape you. We're gonna rape the whole f****** country. What you gonna f****** do about it?' Another man who is wearing a baseball cap then appears to spit at the woman. You can hear her say: 'He spat at me.' The first man has to be held back again as he continues to abuse her and she starts to cry, saying: 'I'm probably the only woman that would ever do this.' He mocks her for becoming emotional but she blasts back: 'Just because I'm crying does not mean I'm f****** scared of you.' Police then arrive and she repeats her allegations to a female officer as she is led away to safety. Writing about the incident on social media following the incident, the woman said: 'I had to stand my ground. Yeah, I was loud but I did it for a very good reason. 'I watched as three girls went to get in and soon walked away from what seemed like an empty free taxi until three men clambered out shouting they were going to rape them. 'They was all sat in the car, that's why the girls who I saw get in originally got straight out and walked off hastily. 'I heard them shouting 'we're going to rape you, we're going to find you and rape you' and I was walking over the roundabout and was like: 'What did you just say to those women? I want to know why you think you can say that.' That's when I got my phone out. 'The police were called and took nearly an hour to turn up and when they came they removed me and had some words with the men and then they were on their way. The police did absolutely nothing but tell me to go home. 'I couldn't just walk on after witnessing it. I couldn't just walk home after seeing them act this way.' She later added she has passed her footage to the police and provided a witness statement. A spokeswoman for Hampshire Constabulary said: 'I can confirm that this was reported to us on May 6 and that we are investigating. 'Two incidents were recorded - public order and criminal damage. There have been no arrests at this time. 'Anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting 44190155284.'

Image (cropped): Source; Geograph

Image: Author; Jaggery

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