Study reveals Uber and Lyft cars have 35,000 times more germs than average toilet seat and 219 times

A study has revealed that Uber and Lyft cars have 35,000 times more germs than the average toilet seat and 219 times as many as the average taxi.

According to the Daily Mail a study by insurance company Netquote showed that bacteria levels in the vehicles are also three times higher than that of a toothbrush holder. 

Netquote, obtained samples from nine vehicles, three rideshare vehicles, three taxis and three rental cars , where the surfaces were swabbed to find out how many colony-forming units (CFU) were present per square inch. There was also a breakdown of the germ type picked up by the swab The results showed that Uber and Lyft vehicles carried more than six million colony-forming units per square inch found on average, whilst rental vehicles averaged more than two million CFU/sq. in. The study then revealed that taxis had an average of just over 27,000 CFU/sq.

To put that into perspective, toothbrush holders harbour around 2.1 million germs, whilst toilet seats a mere 171.

There was no explanation as to why the study showed that rideshare vehicles carry more bacteria than rental vehicles or taxis.

Unsurprisingly, window buttons and seat belts were said to contain the most germs, with bacteria such as bacillus, which can cause food poisoning, and cocci which is linked blood poisoning, found in the vehicles.

A Netquote spokesman said: "Our samples revealed the presence of various germ types – some of which are potentially harmful." 

Image: Source; Picpedia Alphastockimages

Image: Author;  Nick Youngson NYPhotographic

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