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Uber have added a button for users of their premium service to tell drivers when to be quiet

Uber is giving customers who use its premium "Uber Black" service the option to tell their drivers to be quiet by simply pushing a button on their phone instead of the more outdated age old method of using words of your mouth to politely ask for a bit of silence. The new feature is the first to be added to their premium option for some time which offers customers the chance to book higher-priced luxury cars rather than your run of the mill Toyota Prius and others alike.  

The new in app mode is called “quiet car” or as I like to call it "put a sock in it" mode. The some what strange feature is said to of been added for riders who want to discourage chatty drivers, the Verge reported. Other new features added are; temperature preferences and luggage assistance. They can also ask for extra time before getting into the car without incurring late pickup fees. So if you ever look into one of Uber's "premium service" vehicles and see a driver looking bored out of his/her mind, it's probably because they've been told to zip it. Uber Black is the ride-sharing firm's premium car services which typically charges fares at around 100 percent more than Uber X and 200 percent more expensive than Uber Pool.  

Image: Source; Flickr

Image: Author; Catherine 

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