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Cabbie robbed of takings whilst “sharp object” pressed into the drivers back

Police officers are appealing for witnesses after a taxi driver was robbed in Horse Market, Northampton. The incident happened on Monday 27 May, between 3.30am and 3.40am, when the man parked his taxi adjacent to Domino's Pizza and left it there for a short while.

On his return, the taxi was surrounded by a group of men. He tried to enter the cab, but one of the men pressed a sharp object into the rear of his back, while the others demanded he hand over his takings. They then made off down Northampton’s Horsemarket and towards St Peter’s roundabout.

The first offender is described as a black man, aged 18 – 30, about 6ft 1in and of muscular build. He had dark afro-style hair which was shaved short, and was clean shaven. He was wearing a round-necked, dark-coloured t-shirt, blue jeans with rips at the knees and white trainers with vertical blue stripes. He had an English accent. The second offender is described as a black man, about 6ft, aged 18 – 30, of average build. Two other offenders are described as black men, aged 18 - 30 years, with one of them wearing a dark sweatshirt and the other wearing a striped brown or beige shirt.

Image: Google Maps

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