Taxi fare dodger allegedly fractures a woman’s arm after being served with court papers

A taxi fare dodger has allegedly fractured a woman's arm after she served him with court papers pertaining to the offence.

At around 1.20pm on 14 June, Reverend Emma Newman attended the home of Alan Binder to serve court papers after her husband, taxi driver, Steven Newman, took legal action against him for obtaining a service by deception. This follows the claim that Binder paid only part of his fare on 27 May.

Mr Newman of Bourne, Lincolnshire was disqualified from serving the papers himself because his role as the complainant, so his wife, who is a member of the clergy and also a solicitor, offered to serve the papers. 

After it emerged that Binder, of Deeping St James, Peterborough, was not at home, Reverend Newman posted a copy of the papers through his door and then went to Binder’s place of work to serve the court papers in person.

After Reverend Newman explained to Mr Binder the reason for the court papers being served, Binder allegedly became verbally abusive about her husband, branding him a "f****** liar". He also claimed that he threw £15 at the taxi driver and not £10, as was claimed by Mr Newman for the £26.40 fare.

In her statement to the police, Reverend Newman said that Binder then moved towards her, screwing up the court paperwork and shoving it into her chest before throwng the paperwork on the ground and storming out of the office.

Reverend Newman then picked up the paperwork, telling Binder that she required his signature for service, however it is alleged that he then became more aggressive, using a number of expletives and denying any involvement in the incident.

It was at this point that the taxi driver's wife informed Binder that there was dashcam footage from inside the vehicle which would contradict his version of events, and he was being given the opportunity of doing the "gentlemanly" thing and settle his fare.

It is then alledged that Binder produced a wad of notes from his pocket and pulled out £15, shoving the notes into Reverend Newmans chest before pushing her toward a filing cabinet and a wall, thus cornering her and preventing her from escaping. 

As Reverend Newman tried to escape, she claims Binder struck her repeatedly on the arm and shouted at her. The taxi driver’s wife then asked Binder to calm down.

The frightened woman managed to make an escape but reports that Binder pursued her, pushing her into the wall.

Reverend Newman's husband, who was sitting in a vehicle outside Binder's office, approached the building upon seeing an altercation. Binder subsequently backed off.

Binder was reported to the police regarding the alledged assault and Reverend Newman attended her local accident and emergency department, where it was discovered that she had a hairline fracture to a bone in her arm.

Local police are continuing with their enquiries into the matter.

Image Source: Steven Newman

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