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Key road closures in Bow expected to cause traffic chaos as Liveable Streets trial begins

In what could prove to cause potential chaos in the Bow area, the Liveable Streets project is set to begin.

Road closures and vehicle restrictions on a number of streets in the Roman Road area will be trialled for 8 days, from Saturday 13 July until Sunday 21 July, coinciding with school holidays.

A bus gate will be in operation on the section of Tredegar Road between Fairfield Road and Parnell Road, with only buses being allowed to pass through between 7am and 8pm every day.

Traffic coming off the A12 into Bow will only be able to travel down Fairfield Road towards Bow Road during restricted hours.

The section of Coborn Road between Malmesbury Road and Tredegar Road will have be closed to motor vehicles for 24 hours each day during the trial period, however, cyclists and pedestrians will not be affected.

These changes are part of a number of initiatives being trialled by the Liveable Streets programme. The trial will be used to assess the impact of vehicle movements and rat-runs in Bow and the surrounding area. Reducing traffic on Coborn Road and St Stephen’s Road have been two of the most common suggestions on the programme’s interactive map since phase one of the scheme began in April. Layout changes will include the following:

  • Coborn Road will be closed to motor vehicles between Tredegar Road and Malmesbury Road

  • A bus gate, which allows only buses to pass through, will be in place on Tredegar Road between Fairfield Road and Parnell Road operating from 7am to 8pm every day

  • Antill Road will be closed east of the junction with Lyal Road

  • Anill Road will be made two-way between Selwyn Road and Lyal Road

  • Tregedar Road banned right turn into Coborn Road will be removed.

Drivers will be urged to make journeys on the A road network during the trial period, with traffic management signage in place around Bow.

There has been a mixed reception to the project on social media, @davecookeAKA took to twitter to say: "This is a great idea. The bus gate stopping cut through traffic will be good news to Old Ford Road residents.Make permanent please."

Others however were less enthusiastic, @Gavin_Drake said via twitter: "A lot of frustrated and annoyed residents who were not consulted about this trial and will be making their feelings known during and after the trial.

"An ambitious plan would have been to ensure every home was leafleted beforehand."

Whilst @LawrencePhilli5 was far more blunt on twitter, saying: "Feedback? Idiots, making my family's life a misery. It's time to only vote for people that own a car. My disabled family in Packenham Street are trapped now."

A survey is running concurrently with the trial so locals can provide feedback.

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