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Public give mixed reaction to Edinburgh Council's low emission zone

With Edinburgh City Council proposing to set up a low emission zone (LEZ) in the Scottish capital to improve air quality, the public took to Facebook to discuss the issue.

Tam Maccathie said on the platform: "Seems Edinburgh is heading toward a London type economic plan. Whilst no one can criticise clean air, folk may well find there is a price to be paid in higher charges for everything including food and rent.

"I wonder how many commercial vehicles registered in Edinburgh actually qualified to enter Edinburgh without penalty and how many have special exemption from the penalty. Do the car and van dealerships have a little deal with the government or Council? Most vehicles that don't reach Euro 6, even the ones bought yesterday will be worth peanuts. Very worrying future..... clean but worrying."

While Heather Henderson said: "What about people like myself who have disabilities, who need their cars to get around and have blue badges. I definitely can't afford a new car."

George O'Toole commented: "Absolutely barmy, is Edinburgh now only for the rich."

Support for the scheme was at a premium, however, Paul Gillen took to Facebook to say: "Are people really this daft? Would you rather breath in carbon dioxide or not in the city centre? It really is as simple as that."

At the moment there are six areas around Edinburgh where air quality levels are not being met.

Discussions are underway to bring in legislation. The Scottish Parliament will require Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee to set up LEZs by the end of 2020.

Image Source: Edinburgh Council

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