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Woman claims discrimination against dog breed after local minicab firm refuses to take her Pit bull

A local minicab firm in Hull have been blasted by dog owner Michelle Scott for refusing to send a car to pick her and her beloved pit bull up. With the first anniversary of her mother’s death approaching, Michelle was hoping to take her eight-year-old dog Willow to the cemetery to visit the grave, but she says the firm refused the fare.

Michelle is now claiming an act of discrimination against the firm, saying they refused the fare on the grounds of the breed of dog, even though she has a special certificate to prove Willow is not considered a threat or pose a risk. Pitbulls are one of a few breeds of dog that are banned in the UK due to their aggressive and powerful nature, however in some cases dog owners are allowed to have one if a special certificate is signed to prove the dog is not a danger. Ms Scott has said she has been left shocked and hurt by the way Willow has been treated, calling her “so special”. She likened the treatment to discrimination against someone’s skin colour or sexuality, saying “it’s the same level”. As reported in Hull Live, Ms Scott has had Willow since she was a newborn pup and went through the courts to prove the pit bull was safe to be part of a family. She said Willow is lovely and as soft as anything - so soft that she shares a home with six guinea pigs, two budgies and another dog. Ms Scott said all she wanted to do was take Willow to visit her mother, who was so fond of dogs, especially her pitbull. She said her mother and Willow have both been a huge support network for her when she has faced metal issues in life and just wanted them to be reunited for a while.

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