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Uber's hope of securing a five-year licence from TfL in doubt

Uber’s hopes of securing a new five-year licence from Transport for London (TfL) could be in doubt according to media sources.

Allegedly, Sky News sources believe Uber have little chance of being granted a full five-year licence, when their probationary period expires. It is also understood that Uber themselves are expecting the same outcome. 

A further 15-month or 18-month licence would be the most likely outcome to the tech giants application for a renewal.

This move is believed to underline the size and scale of the issues which are facing Uber. 

In an effort to show that it has become a more responsible corporation, Uber Chief Executive, Dara Khosrowshahi, has been seeking to persuade international regulators that it has turned over a new leaf.

Sky News reported that a source close to the company has stated that there is next to no chance that Uber will get a five-year licence in September. One person said that there may be still tension between Uber and TfL in relation to the 14 conditions set out by Westminster chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot.

A decision is due to be made ahead of the expiry of the current licence on 25 September. 

Image Source: MaxPixel

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