Oil industry executive ordered to pay cabbie £500 after bizarre topless attack

An oil industry executive has found himself facing court after attacking a Perth cabbie and threatening to stab him.

Richard Donaldson launched the unprovoked attack on 33 year old taxi driver, Michael Todd, while he was driving the vehicle, which ended with Donaldson topless.

According to The Courier, Donaldson, 44, also became verbally abusive toward police officers who attended the incident.

Perth Sheriff Court heard from depute fiscal Catriona MacQueen how the accused entered the vehicle, and when asked for a destination he replied "home" before giving directions to Scone.

Ms MacQueen described how during the journey, which took place on 14 August 2018, the accused kept glaring at Mr Todd, and when asked if there was an issue, Donaldson threatened to stab the driver before attacking him, which resulted in the driver having to defend himself before exiting the vehicle.

The court then heard how Donaldson also exited the vehicle and began to chase the driver around the car attempting to punch him, making the driver's ear bleed after one of the punches connected.

The driver then got back into his vehicle and the accused walked away before running straight at the taxi forcing the driver to reverse. He then removed his t-shirt and motioned to challenge the driver to a fight.

Donaldson was ordered to pay Mr Todd £500.

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Image Author: David Hawgood

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