Twitter users debate furiously over Uber vehicle videoed creeping along the outside lane of dual car

Twitter users are currently locked into a debate over whether an Uber driver was right to creep along the outside lane holding up traffic as roadworks were approaching. 

Dashcam footage posted by Andi@peattatun showed the Uber vehicle slowly moving along the right hand lane of the carriageway despite a clear road up ahead.

Roadwork signs can be seen advising of a merge approaching in around 400 yards, yet the driver refused to drive along the clear lane other than at a snail's pace. 

Andi posted the video on Twitter brandishing the driver of the Uber vehicle an "idiot". 

(Video: Andi @peattatun)

The tweet soon caught attention on the social media platform with users debating whether the driver was in the right or wrong to creep along the empty lane. 

The argument was soon put to bed when Sergeant Harry Tangye of Devon and Cornwall Police said the driver was in the wrong and was causing up to 40% more congestion from his actions. 

Sgt Tangye, said: " I'm afraid you are wrong. You are causing up to 40% more congestion. More risk of tail end shut on bends and brows of hills. So says me, the highway code, RAC, AA." 

He went on to add that he will give Uber a call or send a letter when he gets time during the week to advise them of their driver's actions. 

Take a watch of the footage and have your say. 

Image: Source; Twitter 

Image: Author; Andi&@StarGsd 

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