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Man who smashed taxi window and leapt out to evade fare jailed

A man who fled a taxi without paying by smashing a window and leaping out to evade paying his fare has been jailed.

28 year old Thomas Barlow, of Oakdale Road, Brundall, got into the taxi with another man in the early hours of 9 February 2018.

According to the Eastern Daily Press, he told the driver to take them both to a number of different addresses around the Norwich area.

Barlow, who fell asleep in the taxi, then woke up and tried to get out of the vehicle after he realised that both he and his friend didn't have enough money to pay the £20 fare. 

However, upon finding he was unable to get out of the vehicle due to the doors being locked, he then tried to break out of the taxi by smashing a window.

Norwich Magistrates Court heard how Barlow had been picked up in Tombland and initially asked to go to Thorpe Road, however, the accused then changed his mind and asked the cabbie to go to Spixworth.

Lucy Miller, prosecuting, described to the court how both men then asked to go to two other addresses. It became apparent that neither party had enough money to pay the fare.

As a result, both men tried to get out of the cab but were unable to because the doors were locked and couldn't be unlocked until the metre was "cleared down".

Ms Miller explained to the court that it was at this point the accused offered the driver £6, which was refused. 

The cabbie started to drive the two men to Norwich Police Station, however he was threatened en-route. A window was smashed and the two men exited the vehicle and ran off.

The police were called and Baldwin was subsequently arrested.

Annette Hall, mitigating, stated that Barlow had no recollection of the incident due to the amount of alcohol he had consumed at the time. She also cited mental health issues as a contributory factor.

Magistrates jailed Barlow for 11 weeks, which included the activation of five weeks of a ten week suspended sentence from a previous crime. 

He was also ordered to pay £195 compensation for the broken window and £20.80 for the taxi fare.

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