Swedish electric pedicab makers design new ‘London taxi’ mock-up

Swedish electric pedicab makers design new ‘London taxi’ mock-up.

The Quicab ‘cycletaxi’ is a taxi cabin attachment for Velove Armadillo hailing from Gothenburg in Sweden.

Velove says its aim is to improve city logistics. Their electric cargo bike, the Armadillo, aims to satisfy all types of transportation needs with different trailers and cabins available based on the requirements needed. The Quicab attachment turns the Velove into a electric assisted pedicab. The electric pedicabs currently used in Europe are said to be able to achieve speeds of up to 15mph and can shift two passengers at a time. Prices for the Velove start at roughly £7,000 excluding VAT. Lights and indicators cost a further £350 and an extra battery £500, all before VAT. The cost of the Quicab passenger cabin attachment and driver cover are also to be included.

A Quicab spokesperson said via Twitter “we’re so happy for the interest from London that we've conjured up an image of what a Black Quicab might look like”.

The black cab mock-up design was created by Lighthaus, but is highly unlikely to ever qualify as a working Hackney Carriage Taxi in London.

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