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Uber launch first airport ride-booking kiosk

Ride-sharing giants Uber have rolled out a ride-booking kiosk at Toronto's Pearson International Airport which allows passengers to order a car without the need of a smartphone. 

The company says the 'Arcade like' kiosks are designed to create greater access for travellers who might have a difficult time using the app because of language or tech issues.

Uber said: “At this time, people are limited by phone, network availability, and limited data plans in using our services. For instance, according to the Pew Research Center, 23 percent of American adults do not have smartphones. 

“This is a market full of people missing out on the opportunity to use our products, services, and driver partner programs. Kiosks can be a dependable resource for a number of people, including those who may need a ride from point A to point B, without a smartphone or data connection. 

“Additionally, travelers in foreign countries with no data plan could book rides from a kiosk, if we incorporate that capability.”   

Uber already have interactive kiosks placed in malls around the San Francisco Bay Area, focused on recruiting new drivers to the platform and assisting current drivers. 

The kiosk instantly connects mall goers to a Uber representative who supports potential and current drivers with their questions and delivers a real-time onboarding experience. 

The kiosk shows multiple advantages over phone-based support or a human-staffed booth. Its large screen creates an interface that some users will find more comfortable, facilitating an easy-to-navigate registration process for new driver partners. 

The kiosk format allows for flexible and broad-based deployment, giving driver partners more access points for support. 

The company are yet to reveal where they hope to launch the kiosks next, but if successful they are likely to target some of the world's busiest international airports.  

Images: Source; Uber 

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