Former Uber driver launches new ride-sharing app in London which shares all its profits with members

A former Uber driver is aiming to shake off the industry's bad reputation of inflexible working hours and poor payment conditions for drivers across London. Karjoin is a neo-capitalist ride-hailing app which shares all its profits with its members to provide both sustainable and economic benefit to both its riders and drivers.

David Salem, founder, and CEO of the socio-economic ride-hailing app suggests that its USP is in its fairness as well as equality in how it treats its drivers. 

He said he saw first hand how minicab drivers and others would be paid just £4 an hour and have to work double hours to earn a minimum wage. This isn’t enough to live on let alone pay mortgage payments or household bills. In comparison, registered drivers through Karjoin will receive a share of 40% profit and their working hours will be reduced by 50% by fighting monopoly in the industry. 

The riders will share an 8% profit because the founder believes “the definition of loyalty has shifted to a common interest”. ‘In today’s economic climate where margins are constantly being squeezed it is important to remember that a business needs to be sustainable to grow.”

David quotes UBER’s self driverless vehicle initiative as a way in which an entire workforce could be wiped out overnight and questions how ethical its approach is towards its drivers in the long term and in its dominance for an enhanced customer experience. To date, Karjoin has grown to be awarded the PCO operating license by TfL which enables Karjoin hailing app to operate across London. The app launched in May 2018 and is available for IOS and Android. Karjoin aims to deliver a healthier, safer and more proactive work-life balance for its members. 

Image: Source; Karjoin 

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