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London taxi driver wins legal fight with TfL to win back revoked licence

A London taxi driver has had his licence restored after a Transport for London (TfL) decision was overturned on reconsideration. Taxi Defence Barristers’ Lead Counsel Stephen McCaffrey represented the unnamed cabbie, known only as Mr AH, after he had his licence revoked following conviction in the Crown Court of two regulatory offences.

TfL also raised health concerns relating to previous cancer treatment and heart fitness tests. TfL were disputing the adequacy of Mr AH’s medical reports in applying DVLA Group 2 standards, who had been licensed for over 12 years.

Mr AH was initially advised to seek an appeal to the Magistrates’ Court. However, on advice from Stephen McCaffrey, a request to reconsider was submitted to TfL. Following full submissions in respect of the offences and the context of the case – as well as full submissions on TfL own policy – a recommendation was made by the panel to Licensing that the decision be overturned. TfL Licensing followed that recommendation and reversed their own decision. They decided to issue a warning and allow Mr AH to continue working as a licensed black cab taxi driver in London. On the matter relating to Mr AH’s health, McCaffrey successfully argued that these concerns were irrelevant. The legal representative relayed proper information from Mr AH’s consultant that explained how TfL incorrectly applied their own policy. 

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