ChargePoint teams up with LEVC to offer discounted charging for London EV taxi drivers

ChargePoint, a leading EV charging network, has partnered with LEVC to offer taxi drivers the lowest cost, subscription-free Rapid Electric Charging in Central London. From today, drivers of the TX are able to sign up to the LEVC Group via the ChargePoint app to receive a discounted rate of just 21p per kWh at any of the five Rapid Chargers spread conveniently across central London.

The Rapid Chargers offer the ability to charge at 50kW and are capable of adding 200 miles of range per hour. The rapid charge rate can fill up a TX from empty in around 30 minutes, giving drivers just enough time to grab a coffee and a snack before being notified by the app that charging is complete. Fully charging a TX from empty will only cost around £5. Since the introduction of the TX Electric taxi in 2018, 6,800 tons of CO2 has been prevented from entering the atmosphere and 850,000 litres of fossil fuel has been left unburnt by the 2,500 cabs produced so far. It is hoped that by making charging even easier and more cost effective in the capital, more cabbies will see the huge benefits of driving electric. “Ensuring that public transport is clean, green and readily available is key to building the transport network of the future. London’s great historic character has often proven difficult for the adoption of new technologies, electric charging infrastructure included,” said Mark Kerstens, Vice President of Global Fleet Solutions, at ChargePoint. “By opening these ports to taxi drivers in the centre of London, we hope to show that electric vehicle adoption isn’t only necessary, but can be achieved without complicated and expensive alterations to the capital’s streets.” The charging ports will remain open to members of the public at the usual rate of 35p per kWh, but TX drivers are able to immediately make use of the discounted rate. How? 

  1. Download the ChargePoint App (Get it on iOS or Android).

  2. Sign up within the app.

  3. Then click this link on your mobile device (the link only works once you have downloaded and signed up in the app).

The chargers are easily accessible within Q-Park garages in Knightsbridge, Chinatown and Tower Bridge, which cab drivers are already able to access free for an hour.

Image credit: LEVC

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