Road Policing Unit issue on the spot suspensions to Derby taxi drivers for faulty or dangerous vehic

Derbyshire's Road Policing Unit took to the streets to complete their monthly taxi-checks procedure - but the results weren't good, as a number of vehicles showed major issues. 

The inspection team only got to check a total of six vehicles because all had problems resulting in prohibitions and taxi plate suspensions. 

Derby's yellow taxis are iconic in the city, but have come under fire recently because of the condition of many of them, along with high emission issues which have also been highlighted. 

Derbyshire Road Policing Unit dedicate time each month inspecting and ensuring the city's taxis are safe and compliant to carry paying passengers. 

This time around, suspensions were handed to drivers for an array of problems including no brakes, leaking fluids, faulty doors, trip hazards and corrosion. 

Via their Twitter account, the inspection team said: "Good news, we've been out with @DerbyCC on our monthly #TaxiChecks. Bad news, we only managed to check six as all six had faults which required prohibitions and taxi plate suspensions which isn't a quick job. Standby for some highlights #MustDoBetter #ProfessionalDrivers

Images: Source; Twitter - @DerbyshireRPU