Two month Uber licence is a “non-decision by TfL”, says London Assembly

The London Assembly has called today’s decision to grant Uber a two month operator’s licence a “non-decision by Transport for London”. The regulator, Transport for London (TfL), announced that ride-hailing firm Uber has been granted a two-month extension ahead of any potential further licensing application.

TfL are requesting additional material from Uber, which they say will help inform any future licensing decision. As reported earlier by TaxiPoint, the new two-month licence will have the same conditions that Uber has been subject to over the last 15 months, along with new conditions to ensure passenger safety. According to TfL, these new conditions cover ride sharing, appropriate insurance and driver document checks by Uber.  The London Assembly looked less favourably on the decision taken by the capital’s regulators, questioning what will be learnt during the short eight week licence. The Chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee, Florence Eshalomi AM said: “This is a non-decision by TfL. What will it learn in two more months that it didn’t learn in the last 15 months? “If Uber hasn’t provided the information that TfL needs then that is a concern that needs to be addressed and clarified by TfL. “Uber may have upped its game in terms of culture and governance, however, such a short extension is evidence they still have some way to go. “The London Assembly agreed with TfL’s decision not to renew Uber’s license, as politicians from across the political spectrum were highly concerned about its working practices and safety record. “We look forward to further information on this extension. The safety of Londoners must come first.” 

Image credit: Pixabay (Background)

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