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6 pedicab riders reported as police crackdown on noise issues due to loud speakers being used

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Image credit : Twitter @MPSSoho

Six pedicab riders have been reported for prosecution due to loud music being played in public spaces.

Metropolitan Police's Soho Team took to the streets to tackle the issue after a number of warnings had already been made to riders in the area.

Officers patrolled Soho, Oxford Street and the Westminster area, where six riders were found to be in breach of the law.

Officers also seized two large speakers which were being used to blare loud music.

Taking to Twitter to highlight the offences, Soho Police @MPSSoho said: "Over the weekend I worked with MPS West End, MPS Oxford Street & City Westminster.

"We worked night to tackle the pedicab noise issue in the West End.

"6 riders were reported for prosecution by City Westminster & numerous warnings also given. 2 large speakers were also seized."


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