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£71 FOR 1.5 MILE TRIP: London traffic chaos sends Uber journey estimates soaring

Traffic chaos in London pushed up Uber prices with the ride-hailing firm estimating over £71 for a 1.5 mile trip through Knightsbridge.

An image shared on social media shows the quoted £71.48 price for a 4 seater Uber Comfort vehicle travelling between Daphne’s Restaurant on Draycott Avenue to the plush Berkeley Hotel situated on Wilton Place.

In a city already notorious for its traffic congestion, Londoners experienced a new level of frustration as traffic chaos pushed travel times to astonishing heights.

TaxiPoint reported that traffic and congestion in the city had reached unprecedented levels. Black taxi drivers went so far as to label Friday night as the "worst ever" in terms of gridlock and frustration.

While traffic was slow throughout the capital, it was notably dire in the vicinity of Knightsbridge and Park Lane. The closure of the Piccadilly Underpass for an extended period of time has significantly contributed to the congestion. Additionally, the refusal to reopen South Carriage Drive, which could have alleviated some of the traffic, has only exacerbated the situation.


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